Ex Vivo

BioToSkin offers a range of ex vivo tests to support you in your claims.

Penetration / Diffusion / Pharmacokinetics study

Ex vivo methods of skin penetration study by Franz cell provide pharmacokinetic information on the diffusion of a substance through the skin.
These methods are particularly suitable for comparing the transport of chemicals in and through the skin, for different preparations, but they also provide useful models for the assessment of percutaneous absorption in humans.

BioToSkin has several automated or manual diffusion systems (Microette 18 cells Hanson, Permagear…) per Franz cell in order to offer a solution adapted to customers. We also have the option of working on synthetic (Strat M, Omnipore, etc.) or biological membranes.

In order to guarantee a higher quality of the assay, we carry out the HPLC analyzes within our structure with proven chromatography methods.

Schéma principe microdialyse
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Ex vivo microdialysis is a method of exploration on human explant taking into account the cutaneous metabolism.
First used in neuropharmacological research, its application in cutaneous biology and pharmacology is more recent but in full expansion.

The basic principle of this system is shown schematically in the image opposite: a semi-permeable fiber (permeable to water and small compounds), introduced into a fabric, will recover the molecule sought according to a concentration gradient. This fiber is connected to a micro-pump, which allows infusion at a defined flow rate of a physiological liquid. This method makes it possible to monitor the production of both endogenous and exogenous molecules (pharmacokinetic study).

This exploration method is the closest to in vivo conditions.
For example, it is possible to monitor the production of molecules responsible for oxidative stress or inflammation.

Anti-bruising effect Induced hematoma: Scarletred®Vision

We have developed a model of hematoma induced on fresh skin explant allowing the study of the antiecchymosis effect of products. The objectification study consists of following the progression of the hematoma induced over time by photographic monitoring and quantification of the surface.

In addition, thanks to the scarletvision system (partnership with the company Scarletred), we offer colerimetric and standardized monitoring via a software interface.

Open Flow Microperfusion®

Open Flow Microperfusion® (OFM) is a membraneless, minimally invasive, in vivo sampling technology that enables continuous interstitial fluid (ISF) sampling for preclinical drug development studies and research of biomarkers.

The decisive advantage of OFM is that it allows direct access to the ISF of various tissues using membraneless OFM probes.

Anti-pollution effect

Objectification studies of anti-pollution claims make it possible to quantify the protective effect of the formulation against identified pollutants on skin explants kept alive.

We have developed models using the most widespread pollutants (PM2.5, PM10, PAHs, etc.) in order to analyze markers of oxidative stress (lipid peroxidation, protein carboxylation, immunohistology, AhR, etc.)

BioToSkin offers a wide choice of ex vivo and in vitro service provision.
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