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Skincare claim/effect of supplement

At Biotoskin we emphasize studies that shows the skincare and beauty claims of food supplement. As a holistic perspective we believe skincare is both based on topical and on nutraceutical routine. For instance our Glasbox system enables the assay of the effect of food supplement on skin fibroblast.



We offer tests to assess the safety of ingredients and food additives used in the food industry. Our studies are conducted on human intestinal cells, providing essential information about the safety of the food products you are developing, thereby ensuring the quality and healthiness of your products.

Intestinal absorption

Intestinal absorption

We provide evaluations to assess the passage capability of pharmaceutical excipients or dietary supplements through healthy or inflamed intestinal epithelium. We utilize an in vitro model of human intestinal epithelium that closely mimics real-world conditions, providing crucial data to enhance the formulation of your products and ensure their effectiveness.

Healing properties

We offer assessments to determine the impact on the healing of epithelial cells by new pharmaceutical excipients/ingredients. This allows us to highlight their potential wound-healing properties and enhance their value in promoting tissue repair. Additionally, our model enables the testing of natural or synthetic compounds and extracts with wound-healing properties. We also provide ex vivo skin model for regenerative skin barrier studies.

Intestinal permeability

We emphasize studies that analyze the effects of compounds on intestinal permeability in both healthy and irritated intestinal contexts. We also offer the unique capability to assess compound efficacy in halting inflammation at the onset of increased intestinal permeability or in restoring both the permeability and mucosal layer.


We are equipped to offer a comprehensive assessment of vector or molecule binding at the epithelial level, healthy or inflamed. This expertise empowers us to provide critical insights into how your compounds interact with epithelial tissues. 

Anti-inflammatory and enzymatic activities

We can accurately replicate intestinal inflammatory conditions in vitro, providing an essential platform for compound efficacy testing and drug evaluation. Additionally, we provide a range of tests designed to analyze and quantify anti-inflammatory biomarkers and enzymatic activity of your product.


BioToSkin offers a wide choice of ex vivo and in vitro service provision.
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