BioToSkin puts the quality of the analyzes at the heart of its process, with the aim of providing the customer with a reliable and relevant result.

In order to give us the means to achieve this objective, we internalize all of the following analyses.


Biotoskin offers analysis by liquid phase chromatography.
We use proven methods, either by their development or by transfer.

In-house analysis gives us control from start to finish of pharmacokinetic studies.


In collaboration with our partner, we offer cytometry analyses.

These can, for example, be useful for evaluating the expression of markers (alpha SM actin, KI67, etc.) on the surface as well as intracellular (fibroblast, keratonyct, etc.)


In collaboration with our partner (BIOMNIGENE), BioToSkin will help you target the claims of your active ingredients or formulation using tools such as QRTPCR and RNAseq.

We can also study the effect on the level of gene expression.

Another application that we offer is the study of the impact of your products on the skin microbiota (friendly microbiota, microbiota enrichment).


Histology / Immuno-histology

Open flow microperfusion (OFM) is a membraneless, minimally invasive, in vivo sampling technology that enables continuous interstitial fluid (ISF) sampling for preclinical drug development studies and research of biomarkers.

The decisive advantage of OFM is that it allows direct access to the ISF of various tissues using membraneless OFM probes.

BioToSkin offers a wide choice of ex vivo and in vitro service provision.
Contact us and a member of our team will respond to your request within 24 hours.