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GlasBox Plus®

GlasBoxPlus®device quantifies the contractile activity of fibroblast. 

This patented 3D model is made of 8 rectangular tanks (26 x 33 mm), which enables the development of equivalent skin stretched in a “diabolo” fashion between two flexible stainless steel blades.

The equivalent dermis made up of fibroblasts generate mechanical forces of retraction (or isometric forces) leading to the deformation of the stainless steel blades. This deformation, measured by an optical fiber system, provides information on the force developed by the equivalent dermis.

GlasBoxPlus® is a patented system, which makes possible precise and reproductible measures of the mechanical forces of retraction developed by the fibroblasts. Consequently, it is possible to quantify whether the addition of an active principle modifies the mechanical behavior of the fibroblasts and therefore, if it has a tensor effect on the skin.

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